The determination with which we face our problems and difficulties will determine to a large extent the state of mind that leads us to find the true meaning of life, which is nothing else to be. If you feel that your partner is not loves you like before, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror with a big smile and realize you’re the perfect creation of
If you feel your children abandoned you because they no longer call you, maybe it’s time to give you realize that they are not yours, that they lent them to us to love them and educate them in such a way that they can realize their… If you feel that your friends do not even call you, maybe it’s time to realize they were only there when you were okay, then they were not really your
If you feel that it is no longer worth living, today I say to you: RISE UP AND RISE AND RISE in search of your own
RISE UP AND RIDE to build a heaven here on earth, where love without measure, is the magic formula to find happiness, success and what makes it worthwhile
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