The industrial vacuum coating equipment of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd uses the coating method of arc-ion-plating and magnetron sputter to be applied diversely in the exterior fields. This equipment can be applied in the decoration fields of high-hardness coating and exterior of household products by sing the surface reforming through plasma surface treatment and PVD coating method on the plastic material and various metal based material surfaces.

Application Products

The industrial vacuum coating equipment of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is embedded with plasma surface treatment and PVD coating technology to enable product manufacture on various exterior products. The application fields of the vacuum coating equipment for industrial use are interior / exterior materials of automobiles, the decoration products for exterior materials in household products, and product manufacture on processing tools with the feature of high-hardness. Also, the vacuum coating technology on the stainless board possessed by Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd can be used to expand to the coating products in the steel plate application fields.


The industrial coating equipment manufacturing method of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is based on the customer request specification to manufacture the product in optimum efficiency. Based on this factor, the common specifications below are reflected to manufacture and supply the equipment.

Specifications System
Chamber type Selected according to discussion on the specification
Applied material Embodied plastic material and metallic material
Plasma surface treatment DC, Pulse DC, Linear Ion beam Source
Pre-treatment method Max. 900℃
Coating source Sputter source Single planar cathode
/ Dual planar cathode Single rotary cathode
/ Dual rotary cathode
Arc source Circular type arc ion plating source
Plasma assist source Plasma assist source
Coating material Metal material Ti, Cr, Al, Cu, Moly, other metal material
Reactive material TiN, CrTiN, CrTiAlN, SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3, other material
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, MF
Pump Selection of the pump proper to the equipment specification