Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd supplies not only the vacuum coating equipment appropriate for manufacture, but also R&D vacuum equipment to enable various R&D. From the vacuum coating equipment to thermal equipment, various methods of vacuum process sources are applied to comply with the R&D or advanced development required in universities, research institutes and other industries, and it can be utilized as an equipment applicable on various R&D such as coating and heat treatment.

Application Products

The R&D vacuum equipment of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is supplied in custom-built method to enable R&D appropriate to the customer’s needs. Various vacuum process methods such as sputtering, thermal coating method, PECVD and heat treatment can be applied, and it is also composed to be applicable in equipment possible for R&D and advanced development on various materials from flexible materials to glass boards, wafer and embodied materials.

System Specifications

The R&D coating equipment manufacturing method of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is based on the specification of customer request to supply the optimized product for performing efficiency according to the purpose of research.