Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is supplying the plasma treatment source applied to the equipment as a product separate from the equipment. Based on many years of equipment manufacturing technology, plasma source optimized for application to various roll-to-roll and In-Line equipment are being provided.
The plasma treatment source is provided in DC bombardment and pulse DC bombardment type, and is applicable in various vacuum equipment such as general vacuum coating equipment, In-Line sputter equipment, R2R sputter equipment and cluster coating equipment.

Product Specifications
Division DC plasma source Pulse DC plasma source
Power supply DC Pulse DC
Backing plate Direct cooling type Direct / Indirect cooling type
Max. length 2,500mm
Applied equipment In-Line / R2R / Cluster / Coating equipment for general industry
Application Products

The plasma treatment source of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is a plasma source that can be applied to various industrial fields. From the flexible polymer film to stainless steel plate, the plasma source can be applied to various materials, and it can also be applied as the plasma surface treatment of the material.

Application field Display, electronic device, new regeneration energy, automobile, steel industry,
household appliances field
Applied material Flexible polymer film, glass and flat-plate material, embodied molded parts, stainless steel plate
Application method Plasma surface treatment