Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is supplying the planar magnetron sputter source applied to the sputter equipment as a separate product to the equipment. Based on many years of equipment manufacturing technology, optimized plasma source applicable to various sputter equipment is provided.
Planar magnetron cathode is provided in Static/Moving magnetron form, and can be applied to various vacuum equipment such as general vacuum coating equipment, In-line sputter equipment, R2R sputter equipment, and cluster coating equipment.

Product Specifications
Division Single planar cathode Dual planar cathode
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, RF DC, Pulse DC, Bipolar Pulse DC, AC
DDR(*) ≥ 150nmㆍm/min @Cu ≥ 300nmㆍm/min @Cu
≥ 30nmㆍm/min @ITO ≥ 50nmㆍm/min @ITO
Target consumption efficiency ≥ 35% ≥ 35%
Backing plate Direct / Indirect cooling type
Magnet construction Static / Moving magnet method
Max. target length 2,500mm
Applied equipment In-line / R2R / Cluster / coating equipment for general industry

(*) DDR(Dynamic Deposition Rate)