MENTO-M series is a R2R coating equipment composed of separate vacuum chamber according to each function to enhance the continuous coating of the multi-layered thin film and also to enhance the efficiency in the product manufacturing process. The vacuum chamber is basically composed of the unwinder, process and rewinder, and depending on the equipment requirement for product manufacture, the process section can be expanded into multi-process vacuum chamber.

Application Products

The MENTO-M series of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd separates the metal material or the reactive material to enable continuous coating of hetero-material, and can be applied to various application products.

IT field IM-ITO and metal mesh touch film, bezel metallization of display, barrier film
Energy field IR protective window film, thin film solar cell, Li secondary battery
Electronic device field High quality FCCL, EMI shielding film
Other industrial field Multi-layered thin film coating based exterior application field of the interior
System Specifications

The R2R coating equipment manufacturing method of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is based on the customer request specification to manufacture the product in optimum efficiency. Based on this factor, the common specifications below are reflected to manufacture and supply the equipment.

Chamber type unwinder Rectangular type
process Circular type
rewinder Rectangular type
Application material PET, PI film, other flexible polymer film, metal film
Core size 3 inch, 6 inch
Material specification Width Length Thickness (Polymer) Thickness (Metal)
Max. 1,350㎜ Max.ø550㎜ Min. 23㎛ 100㎛ ~ 400㎛
Winding speed Max. 20m/min
Pre-treatment method Pre-heater Max. 200℃
Plasma surface treatment DC, Pulse DC, Linear Ion beam Source
Coating source Sputter source Single planar cathode
/ Dual planar cathode / Single rotary cathode
/ Dual rotary cathode
Thermal source Crucible, E-beam
Plasma assist source Plasma assist source
Coating material Metal material Al, Ti, Cr, Cu, NiCr, Ni, Ag, other metal material
Reactive material TiO2, Nb2O5, SiO2, TIO, SiAlOx, MoOx, other nitride / oxide material
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, MF
Pump Selection of the pump proper to the equipment specification
Measuring instrument Sheet resistance, optic (Transmittance, reflectance, color-difference meter), plasma emission
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