R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd was established in 2007, and developed equipment manufacturing technology differentiated in surface treatment and coating field by using R2R vacuum coating equipment and other vacuum coating equipment, and also the vacuum coating process technology of plasma. Continuous R&D is performed to provide the optimized equipment technology.
R&D Center is putting effort to develop the industrial vacuum coating equipment that can be applied to various industrial fields, such as the vacuum R2R coating equipment applying the PVD (Physical vapor deposition ) and PECVD (Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) method and In-Line coating equipment. To enable this, the core technologies are to be embedded such as the development of main coating source and development of control technology including equipment on board transfer of R2R and In-Line equipment and also PLC/HMI to aim for the goal of supplying optimized coating equipment. Based on the accumulated equipment manufacturing technology and the thin film coating technology, efforts are given to develop new products complying to the customer’s needs, and to manufacture the equipment appropriate for creating new businesses.
  • Core R&D field
Development of equipment manufacturing technology
From the R2R coating equipment to coating equipment for In-Line / Cluster / Industry, vacuum coating equipment that can be applied to various industries were developed to enable the equipment to be supplied to diverse areas of fields from R&D equipment to equipment for mass production.
▷ Touch film field : ITO touch film, metal mesh touch film
▷ Electronic device field : FCCL, COF, other applied products
▷ Energy field : CIGS solar cell, IR protective window film,Low-e Glass, Lithium secondary battery
▷ Display field : Color Filter, TFT
▷ Household appliances field : Deco coating on the exterior of the household products
▷ General industry field : High hardness coating of the processing tool, Deco coating of the exterior film
▷ Heat treatment application field : Film outgas removal, Application field of post heat treatment processing
▷ Other industrial field : Steel industry field
  • Development of coating source
The core technology in the coating equipment such as the linear heat coating source and heat treatment heater, sputter, and linear ion beam source that are applied diversely in R2R coating equipment and coating equipment for In-Line / Cluster / general industry are embedded in the R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd through technology development, and research is continued for further improvement of the features of the equipment. Also, other than the PVD, new source development is conducted continuously such as the PECVD source development to be applied on diverse fields of product manufacture.
R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd uses 3-dimensional simulation toll to optimize the various coating sources and heat treatment sources, and also putting effort to develop the coating equipment appropriate to customer’s needs.
▷ Thermal evaporation source : Linear thermal evaporation source
▷ Heat treatment source : Halogen heater, near infrared ray heater, sheath and metal heater
▷ Plasma surface treatment source : DC, Pulse DC, AC, RF plasma source
▷ Sputter source : Magnetron sputter source
▷ PECVD source : CCP method, linear plasma vapor deposition source
  • R&D application field
The vacuum coating equipment and coating source technology of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is an equipment & source technology that can be applied to not only IT industrial fields of touch film, display and electronic devices, but also to various industrial fields including the energy, household appliances, architecture, automobile and general industry fields. Also, R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is continuing the efforts to various R&D in accordance to the customer’s needs such as the application of technology to wider fields, and developing new products. Moreover, R&D for localization of the equipment, new business item development through government-funded research product, and advanced development test according to the customer’s request are also being supported.