R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd secured the manufacture of the core technology and also the processing technology on the vacuum coating equipment to put continuous efforts on supplying the optimized equipment. To enable this, R&D is performed in various fields such as equipment manufacture & control system, equipment processing technology, thin film technology and coating source technology to perform the R&D for enabling the application from coating equipment for research to vacuum coating equipment for mass production.
  • 3D Simulation | Finite-element of the apparatus / Heat / Magnetic field structure Analysis
To secure the effective feature on the stability of the apparatus on the magnetic field structure on the sputter coating source that are important to the coating equipment, linear work is performed through the 3D simulation to focus on supplying the optimized equipment and coating source.


  • New equipment process development | New coating equipment / Coating source / Equipment process development
Various coating equipment and coating source are developed to manufacture the proper equipment for the customer’s new product, and by utilizing the linear test possessed by the institute, the feature evaluation and analysis on the coated thin film are supported.


▷ New equipment development : New R2R / In-Line / Cluster / General industrial field coating equipment
▷ New source development : Plasma source for Surface treatment and heat treatment source / Linear thermal evaporation source / Sputter source / PECVD / Hybrid plasma source
▷ Advanced development supported on the product : Development support by utilizing possessed technology / New product development support through the new coating source / Basic process development support on the new product
▷ Participation in government-funded project : Organization of industry-industry-academy-research consortium on national project and participate in joint development

  • Process development on product application field | Thin film process development on the applied product
R&D Center of Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is also supporting the process technology for optimizing the equipment process according to the equipment supply, and the process technology optimizing the feature of the manufacturing product. To support the thin film processing technology to improve the features of the coated thin film and the applied products, thin film technology is developed through various manufacturing equipment development projects.