• Development Project
No Progress Management Institute R&D Program Project Name Period
1 Complete Small & Medium Business Administration Small & Medium Business Development Project Properties of Functional window films for the production Roll-to-Roll sputter equipment 2009~2010
2 Complete Ministry of Knowledge Economy Local Industry Development Project Twin cathode developing of high-power / high-efficiency multi-magnet structure with R2R deposition possible 2011~2012
3 In progress Daegu techno park Star Enterprise support project Source development of Vacuum deposition equipment 2013~2016
4 In progress Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Greater economic institutions based support project The hybrid roll to roll deposition equipment for 3㎛ fine pattern metal mesh using by the ion beam plasma source 2014~2016
5 In progress Daegu techno park Business support project Lightweight flexible substrates metallization linear thermal evaporation source development 2015~2016
  • Patent Mangement
No Progress Patent Name Registration No.
1 Patent Metal deposition processing system of the flexible film that prevents possible gas inlet 10-0880352
2 Utility model Possible roll to roll sputter system for Ion gun chamber of the gas leakage prevention 20-0445155
3 Utility model A cathode gas is supplied from the bottom 20-0450682
4 Patent Exposed deposition equipment 10-1166420
5 Patent Tilting the cathode 10-1191946
6 Patent Cooling drum mask 10-1118193
7 Patent Drum mask that mask is equipped Lower drum mask 10-1118196
8 Patent The film winder easy winding unit 10-1584191