Sample evaluation service support

Through the equipment manufacture and PVD processing experience accumulated for many years, the advanced development test service for new product development and product improvement is supported.
By providing the research equipment and process technology required in product development for the purpose of supplying the optimized equipment through product development, the development environment that can respond to the rapid changing market is provided.
Also, based on our PVD source manufacturing technology, product development environment applicable to various fields such as the sputter, thermal coating, and coating field in the chemical apparatus is provided.
  • Coating Materials
Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd uses various research equipment to support the advanced development test of the clients, and also putting effort to support the test in various coating methods, including the sputter method. Also, based on the process technology, various material coating as shown below are being supported, and the support is also enabled for developing and optimizing the source for new material coating.
Applied material PET, PI, other Flexible polymer film, metal film, organic board, embodied molded part, etc.
Coating material Metal material Al, Ti, Cr, Cu, NiCr, Ni, Ag and other metal material
Reactive material TiO2, Nb2O5, SiO2, ITO, SiAlOx, MoOx and other nitride / oxide material
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, MF, other coating source power supply
  • Application Products
Our advanced development test support service supports the test environment for basic product feature evaluation and for new product development. Based on our equipment technology for product manufacture, the environment and solution on the advanced evaluation is provided

Application field Display, electronic device, new regeneration energy and other fields of new product development according to the customer’s needs
Applied material Glass and flat-plate material, embodied molded part, flexible polymer film
Coating method Thermal evaporation, sputtering, PECVD method
Surface treatment Plasma surface treatment (DC, Pulse DC plasma, linear ion beam)
  • Vacuum Roll-to-Roll Sputter Coating System

This R&D equipment composed of the Roll-to-Roll sputter equipment is coating equipment that enables the coating of various metal and reactive materials for tests on features required for initial product development. It is composed of the unwinder for film installation and electric heating, plasma pre-treatment for plasma surface treatment, process for sputter thin film coating, and rewinder chamber for detaching the film.
The power device of the sputter coating source can be composed diversely appropriate for the purpose of product development, and it can be applied to various product development and feature evaluation
Chamber type Circular Multi chamber
Applied material PTE, PI, Other, Flexible polymer film, Metal film
Core size 3inch, 6inch
Material specification Width Length Thickness (Polymer) Thickness (Metal)
Max. 550㎜ Max.ø330㎜ Min. 50㎛ 100㎛ ~ 400㎛
Winding speed Max. 3m/min
Pre-treatment method Pre-heating Plasma surface treatment
Max. 150℃ DC, Pulse DC Plasma surface treatment, Linear Ion beam Source
Power supply DC, Pulse DC, MF
  • Vacuum Coating System

This R&D equipment uses various coating sources to enable advanced sample test, and it can be applied to board rotation and linear moving methods. Also, it can be applied to the flexible polymer board, and it is composed to enable product test in various fields.
This test equipment can be applied of the sputter, thermal coating, plasma surface treatment and new coating source, and it can be tested in various application product fields from the touch products in the IT field to the exterior materials in automobile and household products.