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From the high-tech industrial field to the R&D field,Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is continuing the R&D to supply the vacuum coating equipment appropriate to the customer’s needs.
Also, in accordance to the recent rapidly changing market, new coating source and processing technology are developed to put utmost efforts in supplying the equipment enabling the realization of the new product for the customers.

Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is supplying various vacuum coating equipment from the vacuum Roll-to-Roll coating equipment to In-line coating equipment, coating equipment for industrial use and research equipment, and also the total solution of providing the processing technology appropriate for the manufacturing technology.
Also, Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is providing the service to the customer for creating new business fields through the advanced evaluation, joint technology development and coating service.

Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is a total PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) equipment supplier, and have experience of supplying equipment to various industrial fields from display to solar cell energy, electronic device and the cell field, and Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd possess the equipment technology to expand to the exterior material and high-hardness coating of household products and steel products.
Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd possess the vacuum coating equipment manufacturing, controlling and processing technology enabling large-area flat panel and flexible film coating, and based on this technology, Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd is putting continuous efforts to supply the optimized equipment that can be applied to more application fields.

Also, factory automation equipment according to the customer needsare being manufactured and supplied along with the PVD field equipment to expand to various market fields.

Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd will continue the efforts to create the technology based on diligence and trust, to become customer-oriented company, and also to become the world’s No. 1 company in the vacuum coating equipment manufacturing field.

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CEO Min ho, Kim